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Who to Root For if You’re a Tennessee Volunteer Football Fan: Week Six

Friday, October 14th, 2005

The Tennessee Volunteers enjoy an off week this weekend. Well, enjoy might not be the right word, but they’re off. As I said before, even though their loss to the Georgia Bulldogs did some serious damage to their hopes and dreams for the season, they’re really only mostly dead, which means they’re still partly alive.

So what to watch if you’re a Volunteer fan this weekend? And who to root for?

Best Chances for the Volunteers to Improve their Standing

  • Southern Cal at Notre Dame. I’d bet that most college football fans will be pulling for Notre Dame against USC, except for USC fans and those who have vowed never to pull for Notre Dame (why is that, by the way?), who are probably torn this weekend. Of course, even if Notre Dame pulls off the upset at home, USC’s not going to fall very far. But a Notre Dame win could impact UT’s standing if UT is able to somehow then beat the Irish.
  • Florida at LSU.Again, any real impact of this game on Tennessee’s season is a long shot, but UT fans should root for LSU on this one. First, the Gators are a dreaded rival that we generally just like to see lose whatever the implications. Second, Florida beat Tennessee and Tennessee beat LSU, so a Tiger thromping (is that a word?) of the Gators would make UT’s win over LSU look better. Of course, it would also make our loss to Florida look worse, but we’re living in la-la land right now anyway. Finally, if a miracle SEC finish for the Vols is even possible, the Gators need to lose two more SEC games.
  • Georgia at Vanderbilt.UT needs Georgia to lose three SEC games (not gonna happen), and it better start now, for there to be any miracle SEC finish for the Vols. Georgia looks great this year, and while Vandy looks better this year, well, perhaps Georgia will have a let down after throoping (okay, I know that’s not a word) the Vols last weekend.