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CFN’s Keys to the Tennessee-Alabama Game

Friday, October 21st, 2005

College Football News’ John Harris is bucking CFN’s official pick (Tennessee 16, Alabama 13) and making his own.

According to Harris, the key matchups in tomorrow’s game between the Volunteers and the Crimson Tide are:

  • the ability of Tennessee’s defensive line to beat Alabama’s offensive line and the Bama run attack
  • the Alabama wide receiver corps (which has lost Tyrone Prothro, its best receiver) against the Tennessee secondary (which has lost Jason Allen, its best cover corner and tackler)
  • the Vol offensive line, which has been struggling, against the Tide front seven, which has been exceptional.
  • Harris’ conclusion?

    After the close call at Ole Miss last week, the Tide returns this week to Tuscaloosa, where they played an almost flawless game against Florida. They’ll need to continue to harness the emotion and passion of the Tide faithful to knock off a desperate Tennessee team. Similar to the way that Michigan fought back against undefeated Penn State, expect Tennessee to take Bama’s best shot and hang around for four quarters. Brodie Croyle will be the difference as he’ll continue to find open receivers and move the ball as they have this season. He’ll need a big play from one of his receivers, and expect him to get one that wins the game for the Tide. Alabama – 21 vs. Tennessee – 20

CFN: Lock Yourself in a Room to Watch the Tennessee-Alabama Game

Friday, October 21st, 2005

College Football News suggest you lock yourself in a room to watch the game between the Tennessee Volunteers and the Alabama Crimson Tide tomorrow.

Asked and answered in the column is:

  • Why to Watch (the teams hate each other);
  • Why Tennessee Might Win (the Tide has lost its deep threat attack with the injury to wide receiver Tyrone Prothro and the Vols’ defense against the run is pretty good);
  • Why Alabama Might Win (Alabama’s defense is exceptional, and UT’s offense is . . . not); and
  • Who to Watch (Tennessee quarterbacks Rick Clausen and Erik Ainge).

So what will happen, according to CFN? Tennessee will win 16-13:

The pressure is all on Alabama. With two weeks off to prepare, Tennessee will come up with one of it’s patented out-of-the-blue road performances like last year’s win at Georgia. This is the game Tennessee turns things around, and it’ll be because of its defense.