Tennessee-Alabama: Coach Phillip Fulmer Braces for the Venomous Tide

If you’re not already pumped for the Tennessee-Alabama game tomorrow, Matthew Zemek’s Perspective Piece should do the trick. From the open . . .

We interrupt this SEC season for a game that’s all about hatred.

. . . to the close . . .

This Saturday is the reason those Southern Marshals escort coaches on and off the field at the beginning and end of games. The new level of intensity associated with Vols-Tide makes Phil Fulmer’s entrance and exit almost as intriguing a spectacle as the game itself.

Tennessee-Alabama. It’s no longer a fixture on the Third Saturday of October, but the hatred is hotter than ever. That’s what makes this Saturday’s game crackle with so much life and intrigue.

. . . Zemek ably captures the context of this age-old rivalry.

Imagine walking into a room full of people that detest you. Multiply that by a factor of 3,000, and you’ll get a whiff of what Coach Fulmer will experience tomorrow when he jogs onto the field. Venom. Malice. Rancor.

A win for the Big Orange would be almost inconceivably satisfying.

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