Mike Strange to Volunteer Fans: Bail if you Want, but I’m Staying

GoVolsXtra’s Mike Strange has a message for Volunteer fans considering bailing out on the season:

You’re the fan. Nobody’s paying you. You can come and go as you like.

No doubt, a lot of folks are ready to bail out on the ’05 Vols after a touchdown-less 6-3 defeat at Alabama on Saturday. Some of you probably beat the rush and bailed two weeks ago after the loss to Georgia.

* * *

I think I’ll stick around. Let’s not spin the Vols’ season as anything other than a major breakdown, but even a breakdown has its fascination.

How will the leaders handle the reality of crushed goals? Which young players will emerge from the rubble?

Now that Alabama has thrown off the yoke, anybody else up to it? And the old standby, Clausen or Ainge?

I’m the type to stay in my seat and watch the final futile shot of a 101-40 basketball game. The verdict is long since over, but the human pageant isn’t.

So I’ll be there when the credits roll on the 2005 Vols.

I’m with Mike. There’s more reason to watch football than just winning. More on that later, hopefully.

One Response to “Mike Strange to Volunteer Fans: Bail if you Want, but I’m Staying”

  1. countertop says:

    I haven’t bailed (fully) on the season yet.

    Heck they still have 5 games left and only need to win three of those to qualify for a bowl. Of course, thats would require better luck than they have had so far this season.
    Its probably pretty safe to say they lose to Notre Dame (though, knowing the Vols, they could also go 1-4 over these 5 with the ND game the only win). Will Vandy beat them this year? Wouldn’t be surprised. How ’bout South Carolina? We know the ‘ol ball coach has Fulmer’s number and wouldn’t THAT be some great motivation to end his first season with the ‘cocks.

    Which leaves us Memphis and Kentucky. Memphis is a toss up (they do have a better record than we do) but I am pretty sure we can pull that one out.

    Hey, at least we can be secure in knowing we keep the Keg another year and perhaps secure some minor bowl (boy, isn’t the Peach Bowl looking good now!).

    So what is that – we are looking realistically at finsihing 6-5 or 5-6?

    I’d say the season is pretty much a failure.