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The Mathematical Genius of Volpundit

Thursday, October 27th, 2005

Congratulations to math wiz Volpundit, who was the first to correctly identify the trick behind the Can This Website Read Your Mind post.

Volpundit’s explanation is in the comment section of the post, so follow the link to read it. He (or she) added a second comment, on the same theme as my earlier Tennessee Volunteers Score 98 Points – In Six Games post and the suspicious powdery substance bit that’s been floating around the internet in the last several days:

And here’s some more math for you…

Reggie Bush’s TDs this season minus one = Tennessee’s touchdowns this season.

Ugh. I also heard on the radio yesterday, I think, that one of the South Carolina wide receivers has something like nine touchdowns this year. That sounds like more TDs than Tennessee’s entire offense, though I haven’t taken the time to look it up. Sounds like a job for Volpundit.

Anyway, high praise to the magnificent mathematical genius of Volpundit.