Tennessee Volunteer Wide Receiver Robert Meachem on Dropping Passes Against Notre Dame

Tennessee Volunteer wide receiver Robert Meachem discusses dropped passes:

My thing is, you drop a ball, you’re dropping money for your mom.

You play the game to have fun, but in other ways you want to help your mom and help everybody in your family get to do some things they’d love to do.

* * * *

To me it was like I really lost the [Notre Dame] game because if I had caught those two passes we would have had a chance to win . . . . I replay those plays in my head every day thinking about what I could have done different.

* * * *

Guys say forgive and forget. I can forgive myself, but I just can’t forget those two plays.

Both those balls Erik threw, he couldn’t have thrown them any better. I should have laid out for the first one, and the second one I should have just run through and got it.

* * * *

I’m probably my own worst critic. I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself ever since I was in elementary school.

I used to play running back, and if they pitched it to me and I fumbled it I would be so mad at myself.

* * * *

When the ball’s in the air, you’re supposed to go get it. That’s what PW teaches us all the time.

You watch T.O. (Terrell Owens), Randy Moss, Chad Johnson, you watch all those big-name guys, when the ball’s in the air — on the fade or whatever it is — they go get it.

* * * *

It’s really frustrating because last year we had the same team. The only thing different is we’re a little bit better than we were last year.

It’s a break here and there in every game. We’re still the same guys. We still want to make those same plays. Just right now, it’s not going our way.

* * * *

I love catching the ball, blocking and having fun with my teammates. That’s just two passes, but to me that’s 100 yards you might have had.

I’ve got a lot of games to play, but maybe one day I’ll make those catches. Then maybe I’ll be making those catches in the NFL that I dropped at Notre Dame.

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  1. Chuck Davison says:

    Robert Meachem has big time skills… He will make some big catches / plays for the team…. He needs to keep his head up!