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Tennessee Volunteer Head Coach Phillip Fulmer: 2005 Season a Perfect Storm

Sunday, December 25th, 2005

GoVolsXtra’s Mark Burgess has a sort of year-end review of the 2005 football season. An excerpt:

The gloom of a 5-6 finish hasn’t worn off from a season thought to have so much promise.

In Fulmer’s mind, it took a cataclysmic combination of bad luck, bad bounces, bad football and bad chemistry to send the Vols off course.

“It was kind of like the Perfect Storm,” Fulmer said Thursday as he prepared for a brief Christmas break.

“Really, it took a lot of different variables to happen at kind of the same time. Whether it be schedule, whether it be injuries, or quarterbacks or inconsistencies of the receivers or offensive front, or penalties — we just never ended up doing much.”

Like the “Andrea Gail” stuck in the “Perfect Storm” of October 1991, the Vols’ became a sinking ship.

Rest in peace 2005.


Bowl Championship Series Team Blogs

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

As the bowl games draw near, here’s a list of BCS team blogs to help you keep up with the teams that are, you know, still playing football. Salty language warning for some of these.

Rose Bowl

USC Trojans
Texas Longhorns

Orange Bowl

Penn State
Florida State

Does anyone in Tallahassee blog?

Fiesta Bowl

Notre Dame
Ohio State

Sugar Bowl

West Virginia

Gator Blog EDSBS: Tennessee Volunteers Win Award for Most Disappointing Team in College Football

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

Florida Gator blog Every Day Should Be Saturday has an excellent year-end award post. WARNING: Some serious Netnanny violations here. My computer was tsk-tsking the whole time I was laughing.

The first installment consists of a list of . . . let’s see . . . paraphrasing here . . . what-in-the-world-happened awards. The Tennessee Volunteers top the list:

Should win the national . . . award for disappointment, blown expectations, and squandered talent on a single 1-A squad. For sum total dysfunction, no team rivaled the toxicity of the Knoxville crew: an off-season straight from the scenes of The Program, top 5 preseason rankings combined with the coach’s very public high expectations for the team, and a mismanaged qb rotation between Casey Rick Clausen and Eric Ainge that became the locus for a season-long offensive catastrophe.

EDSBS said it was so bad that even to Gators fans, “it brought little joy to see the flaming shambles that this program had become by the end of the season.”



Vollum. Vollum. The Diabolical Workings of a Wicked, Tricksey Mind

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

UPDATE: Apparently, a lot of people didn’t get the full effect of the video below, probably due to not having the latest version of Flash (version eight). I’ve added a link to the video in .wmv format, which should work for most people. If you see a hat floating in the air, you’re not seeing the whole thing. Thanks for those who responded with feedback.

Yes, blogging has been light the last week or two. Keep reading and you’ll find out why.

First, the context. About two weeks ago, I voted for the first time in MGoBlog’s BlogPoll. My poll is here. For my effort, I earned this rebuke from whip-wielding Brian, MGoBlog’s publisher:

Mr. Bold is the . . . newbie The View From Rocky Top, who, um, really likes the SEC: UGA #4, LSU #5(!), Florida #6(!), Auburn #12, Alabama #14… okay. Florida State is #9, GT #11… er, okay. Perhaps the ballot entry form was excessively confusing? Perhaps the Tennessee Season of Doom has sent our newest poller into a nervous breakdown where this year never happened and it’s 1967 or something? It is the mystery. Explain yourself! Try not to say the words “Southern Speed,” lest you feel the lash of my whip!

Here’s my response:

Southern Speed! Southern Speed!! SOUTHERN SPEED!!! Being a very public Volunteer fan over the past four months has made me impervious to pain. So lash away, Brian! Lash away, all! SOUTHERN SPEED!!!!

Actually, though, it’s not really about southern speed. It’s more due to the gradual poisoning of a Tennessee fan’s mind, season by season, game by game, evolving into full-blown lunacy by the end of the 2005 season. Let’s just say I’m not fit to stand trial.

Press play below for the full explanation. WARNING: The video below has sound, and the controls are a bit buggy. Hitting the No Music button will stop the music, but will not prevent the other sounds embedded in the video from playing. [Note to self: separate audio from video in future Flash projects.] Plus, if you want to watch it again, you’ll need to reload the page. Sorry, still learning.

And now . . . View from Rocky Top presents . . . a VollumTears production . . . a film by [insert-your-own-play-on-words-fictional-movie-production-company name here] . . . [and another] . . . [and another] . . . .

To see the video in .wmv format (good for most readers, but might be very small, depending on your settings), follow the Vollum link.

To see the Flash Version, click the play button below:

UPDATE: Just to clarify, I didn’t intend to game the poll. It was in fact, temporary insanity. Yeah, Florida beat two BCS and conference champion teams, and I couldn’t think of another team that had done that, but ranking them No. 6 is, well, crazy. And I do think the Big 10 has an advantage by not having to play a championship game — which only adds one more loss to at least one of the top two teams in the conference and doesn’t much help the winner — but weighting that fact as much as I did was, well, ludicrous.

Anyway, my poll was screwy, but not on purpose. And the fact that it wasn’t on purpose was more embarassing than if I had gamed it. Thus, the video and the insanity defense. But I’m feeling much better now, and you should expect more sanity from me in the future.


UPDATE II: I’m concerned about College Football Resource’s comment that “the black nothing is 99% of the story.” I’m hoping this doesn’t mean that a bunch of people can’t actually see the whole video. The video has text, music, film footage, and an “oddly brown Tennessee hat,” so if you don’t see all of that, something’s wrong. Try upgrading to the latest version of the Flash player. Please email me if you notice anything unusual. Well, anything that doesn’t work right.

Catching Up on Tennessee Volunteer Basketball

Thursday, December 15th, 2005

I haven’t paid much attention to Tennessee Volunteer basketball this year, but . . .

Burnt Orange Nation will undoubtedly have the other UT’s perspective on Saturday’s game.

Tennessee Volunteer Football Fan Auctioning Off His Loyalty on eBay

Wednesday, December 14th, 2005

A former Tennessee Volunteer fan is auctioning off his loyalty:

I’ve been a loyal TN Vols fan for more than twenty five years but after The Hiring made for this University football team.

I’m DONE!!!!!!!

I’m selling my services as a College Football League fan to the highest bidder.


The winning bidder will get to pick my new favorite College team. I will root loudly and enthusiastically for my new team for the remainder of the 2005-2006 season (If in a Bowl game) and the entire 2006-2007 season.

This auction ain’t no oddly shaped, pseudo-holy food item: This is 100% testosterone filled College Football League Fan that will be a fanatic for YOUR TEAM.

As of the time of this post, the guy says he’s been interviewed by Knoxille news media and will be on ESPN’s Cold Pizza tomorrow morning. The auction will end in 2 days.

I’ve added a Google search and a Google blog search to the News Aggregator Test Page, so if this post isn’t updated, check over there for the latest. UPDATE: The news aggregator test page is just that — a test page, and it’s not picking up the search RSS feeds. It is picking up Fanblogs’ feeds, though, so you should still go check it out. UPDATE II: The test is over. I’ve deleted the page for now. Perhaps another attempt later.

Thanks to Pete at, who in turn thanks Paul Westerdawg at Georgia Sports Blog.


Great. High School Standout Quarterback Tebow Commits to Gators

Wednesday, December 14th, 2005

Widely considered the best high school quarterback in the nation, Tim Tebow has thrown in with Urban Meyer’s spread option and committed to the Florida Gators.

Every Day Should Be Saturday live-blogged the announcement.

Burnt Orange Nation’s Best Sports Blogs

Tuesday, December 13th, 2005

Texas Longhorn blog Burnt Orange Nation has posted its picks for the best sports blogs.

Attention Volunteer football fans:

You do know it’s still football season in the rest of the world, right?

Check out some of the blogs on BON’s list and live vicariously.

Tennessee Volunteer Word Association: Hall, Chow, Borges, Weiss — Cutcliffe?

Monday, December 12th, 2005’s Jimmy Hyams has an excellent article today on the rebuilding of Erik Ainge. Hyams wonders whether David Cutcliffe will mean to Erik Ainge:

  • what Galen Hall meant to Penn State’s Michael Robinson;
  • what Norm Chow meant to Southern Cal’s Carson Palmer;
  • what Al Borges meant to Auburn’s Jason Campbell; and
  • what Charlie Weiss meant to Notre Dame’s Brady Quinn.

Let’s hope.

J.T. Mapu To Return to the Tennessee Volunteer Defensive Line for 2006 Season

Sunday, December 11th, 2005

Defensive Lineman J.T. Mapu, who has been away from football while fulfilling his two-year Mormon Mission, is committed to returning to the Tennessee Volunteers either for the second summer session or at least in time for fall practice.

“It’s called commitment,” J.T.’s father, Simi Mapu, said. “The school was committed to him since he’s signed and he’s committed to them.”

According to his father, J.T. “looks good,” but because his obligations make keeping in shape difficult, “he’s got some work to do.”

J.T.’s return to the defensive line will be key in 2006. Justin Harrell is the only returning starter, and he’s considering the NFL. Mapu should be able to contribute right away as he played in 12 games in 2002 and started 11 games in 2003. He can play at either defensive end or at tackle.