Tennessee Volunteer forward Dane Bradshaw on the LSU student section

Dane Bradshaw says he was just having a bit of fun with the LSU student section during last Saturday’s game:

“All I did was put my hand out, but there never was a throat slash or (middle) finger,” Bradshaw said. “The referee actually asked me, ‘What did you do? If you gave the finger or a throat slash and it was on TV, they’re probably going to get you.’

“I said, ‘No, I’m fine. I told them to shut up.’ There was never any throat slash.”

Bradshaw, who’s been a popular target of fans on the road this season, joked that he’s heard it from friends and family members the last few days.

“A friend was making fun of my dad and said, ‘Leave it to a Bradshaw to take on a bunch of drunken Cajuns,’ ” Bradshaw quipped.

Bradshaw said he was actually having fun with the LSU students and admitted that he did his part to rile them up. Still, he never felt like anything got out of hand.

“Coming from Memphis, where you have life-threatening fans, I never heard anything too bad,” Bradshaw said. “I’m not scared of a frat kid at LSU. I’m more scared of a gang-banger in Memphis.”

More from John Pennington:

It’s been reported that LSU Coach John Brady was upset that Bruce Pearl played around with the LSU student section… when it was clear that LSU was going to win the game.

Boo-hoo, Brady. Pearl is everything that Tennessee AND the SEC need right now. He’s got flair and showmanship and he’s a great basketball coach (you don’t win 300 games at ANY level without being a great coach).

And he was being friendly, in the face of defeat, with the opposing schools student section. That’s good stuff. The Sports World needs MORE of that.

Pearl also happens to be getting more ink and attention than Brady right now (surely that didn’t have anything to do with Brady’s over-reaction). But I don’t think this “mini-controversy” is a bad thing. Tennessee and LSU have always had a “special” rivalry in basketball. You can run through your own list of arguments, showboats, great games and Dale Brown-Shaquille O’Neal-Carlus Groves moments.

This little controversy just shows one more thing to Vol fans… this team and its coach really DO have everyone’s attention.

I agree. I frankly don’t see the big deal Brady’s making of the whole thing, and the LSU student section seemed to be having fun with the whole thing. Pearl lost the game, but left the building with a victory of another kind.

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  1. Three 6 Mafia says:

    Oh yes. Nothing like a moral victory.