Tennessee Volunteer football team No. 9 in CFN’s pre-preseason poll

College Football News has the Tennessee Volunteers ranked No. 9 in its Pre-preseason poll. Here’s how the Vols’ 2006 opponents stack up in the same poll:

  • California — No. 12
  • Air Force — No. 89
  • Florida — No. 2
  • Marshall — No. 88
  • Memphis — No. 73
  • Georgia — No. 21
  • Alabama — No. 20
  • South Carolina — No. 35
  • LSU — No. 4
  • Arkansas — No. 34
  • Vanderbilt — No. 72
  • Kentucky — No. 78

2 Responses to “Tennessee Volunteer football team No. 9 in CFN’s pre-preseason poll”

  1. CA Vol says:

    I saw the CFN rankings when they came out. They had Texas #1 WITHOUT Vince Young. Go Figure?? And Florida #2? I’m so sick of Urban Meyer getting the benefit of the doubt. Let the guy win something before the national media gives him a championship.

    I thought his first year was a failure. They got absolutely KILLED by Bama, beat by LSU, embarrased by Spurrier, and needed a total gift from the refs to beat Vandy in the Swamp. So what they beat, TN,GA, and FL ST. GA didn’t have Shockley and still should have won, everybody beat TN, and FL ST was down too.

    College Football would be the best sport ever if it wasn’t for the d*** talking heads!

  2. Mike says:

    #9 is absurd until we prove ourselves at QB and can put more than 20 points per game on the board. Our schedule is friendlier (a bonus) with so many tough games at home but road trips to UGA and USC will be more than most teams can handle.

    I hope they’re closer to being right though.