Day of Reckoning: National Signing Day for Tennessee Volunteer football

Today marks the first day of the rest of the life of the Tennessee Volunteer football program — National Signing Day.

I don’t really follow the recruiting game much (see The House Rock Built’s post on what is hopefully not an unavoidable future absurdity of the whole process), but I am interested in the players who actually sign on to become Volunteers, and today’s the day they make it official. Beginning tomorrow morning, I plan to devote a post to each of the newest Volunteer football players, one each day until I’m finished or until I’m bored with it, whichever comes first.

Oh, and apologies to all of the subscribers. I’ve updated the feed for the site, and because my “readers” are showing up as “0,” I’m thinking I broke everybody’s existing subscriptions in the process. Sorry. The re-subscription process should, however, be relatively painless — think an 8-4 season compared to a 5-6 season — so hit the button again and follow the instructions if you want to subscribe.

If you’re aching for real-time coverage of National Signing Day, check out VOLuntarily Conservative, who’s planning to live blog the thing. has the official ticker.

Sports Illustrated’s top 25 teams, including Tennessee.

Tennessee’s commits (with info on each commit) (subscription may be required in both cases) from and

Team rankings from and

2 Responses to “Day of Reckoning: National Signing Day for Tennessee Volunteer football”

  1. Rob Huddleston says:

    Thanks for the plug! Hopefully today is a great day for the Big Orange!



  2. Greg says:

    What happened to Mapu?