Two Minute Drill: SEC coaches’ job security, rule changes, and dark v. dark

GoVolsXtra’s John Adams is riling people up during the off season by predicting, in order, the departure of each SEC football coach. According to Adams, Kentucky’s Rich Brooks will be the first to go (with coach Fulmer on his heels), and Georgia’s Mark Richt will be the last.

John Pennington hates June, but finds something to talk about anyway: the NCAA rule changes (1) intended to speed up the game, and (2) to allow coaches to demand a replay review of a close call, and (3) the rumor circulating that Southern Cal coach Pete Carroll has approached UCLA coach Karl Dorrell to suggest that both teams wear their dark jerseys when they play each other this fall instead of the home team wearing dark and the visiting team wearing white.

My quick thoughts on each: (1) On shortening the games, I’m with Pennington, who points out that there’s only from 36-40 hours of regular-season football for each team. Who wants less? (2) On the coaches’ challenge, okay, fine. Whatever. (3) The anachronistic dark/white rule dates back to the age of black and white television. Who wouldn’t love to see orange and crimson clash on Somewhere Around the Third Saturday of October? Now that’s the color of fall.

All for now.

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