Two-minute drill: the impact of redshirts, two top-25 defensive tackles, ouch, and FSN follows up its article on the freshmen most likely to see the field this season with another guessing which redshirts should have the most impact this year. Expecting great things from big-hitting linebacker Rico McCoy, offensive tackle Chris Scott, aggressive center Josh McNeil, defensive tackle and winner of the Most Improved Player Award on defense last spring Dan Williams, and highly-touted running back Lamarcus Coker.

Via Inside Tennessee, College Football News has ranked Justin Harrell (No. 8) and Turk McBride (No. 13) as two of their top 25 defensive tackles.

Ouch. You know how a dog dries itself by impersonating a self-contained miniature earthquake? Well, this video shows how you can do it for him.

Be sure to check out Fox Sports Net’s Around the South tonight as they are featuring the Vols at 7:00 p.m. EST.

UPDATE: More from GoVolsXtra, Offensive tackle Ell Ash is transferring, Jim Bob Cooter’s DUI hearing has been postponed until August 17, 2006, and Erik Ainge is back to voluntary summer workouts after being sidelined for a week due to the aggravation of a pre-existing back injury that occurred after a minor car accident.

2 Responses to “Two-minute drill: the impact of redshirts, two top-25 defensive tackles, ouch, and FSN”

  1. Cool Hand Mike says:

    Do you think Coach Cutcliffe can come in and “gel” in his first year or will it take two?

  2. Joel Hollingsworth says:

    The million dollar question. The more I look back at last year and at what the coaches and players are saying and doing now, the more optimistic I become. I’ve been thinking a lot about last year in preparation for one final breakdown [ah, nice double meaning there] starting next week, and I think I’m headed for a conclusion that as much as he was villified for saying so, coach Fulmer was right about last season being a Perfect Storm. That sort of implies that things were out of his control, but I think what he meant is that it was just a lot of little things that all worked together for a very bad result.

    So, I think Cutcliffe can gel in the first year. The team may be better two years from now, but the schedule toughens up, too, I think.

    Who knows?