Flashback: Billy Ratliff forced Clint Stoerner’s fumble in 1998

GoVolsXtra.com has a nice trip down memory lane, interviewing former Vol Billy Ratliff about former Arkansas quarterback Clint Stoerner’s fumble, the play that saved the 1998 national championship season.

Folks, it wasn’t a fluke. Ratliff, after receiving a short pep talk from injured lineback Al Wilson, beat the offensive lineman who’d been beating him all night when it mattered most, knocking him backwards into Stoerner, who tripped and fumbled the ball. Ratliff recovered, and the Vol offense drove the field to take the lead and win the game.

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  1. View from Rocky Top » Blog Archive » CFR’s preview of the Tennessee-Cal game says:

    [...] College Football Resource has posted a preview of the Tennessee-Cal game that has some Vol fans up in arms. CFR touches a nerve by describing UT’s 1998 national championship as “ill-gotten” and directly attributable to Clint Stoerner and Marcus Outzen. As I reminded everyone again a couple of days ago, Billy Ratliff actually forced Stoerner’s fumble — it was not an accident. As for Marcus Outzen, well it certainly helped that the Seminoles were starting a third string quarterback, but remember that before the game, everyone was still picking FSU. [...]