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The UT(s) 2001 “We’re Going to the Rose … Wait, Nevermind” Moments

Friday, December 2nd, 2005

Texas blog Burnt Orange Nation has an excellent post the Longhorns’ 2001 Big 12 title game against Colorado. I hadn’t realized that the other UT had a “We’re going to the Rose . . . wait, nevermind” moment in 2001.

Eerily reminiscent of the Vols’ 2001 loss to the LSU Tigers, which cost Tennessee the Rose Bowl and a shot at the national championship.

The Animated BCS Race to the Rose Bowl: Week Thirteen

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

UPDATE: The Final Animated BCS Race to the Rose Bowl is up and running on its own static page.

Only one week left, and it’s still looking like the Trojans and the Longhorns will finish Nos. 1 and 2:

Pesky Texas A&M couldn’t keep pace with the Longhorns, and the only real change in the line up this week is that everyone is one week closer to their final position.

The final two big games before the bowls are this Saturday: Texas plays Colorado for the Big XII Championship, and USC hosts No. 12 UCLA.

ABC has both games, Texas-Colorado at 1:00 and UCLA-USC at 4:30. If both the ‘horns and the Trojans win, they’ll meet in the Rose Bowl for the National Championship.

If you have any questions at all about the BCS, check out Fanblogs’ excellent Primer to the 2005-2006 BCS Championship.

See the Race to the Rose Bowl from the beginning: